Jim Freeman is Founder and owner of Helicopter Specialties, Inc., based in Janesville, Wi.   Helicopter Specialties is a helicopter maintenance, and completions center specializing in design and fabrication of medical interiors for helicopters.  The company also is a service center for most helicopter manufacturers as well as a certified avionics shop and repair station.

Jim, an A&P and pilot who you can often still find out in the shop getting his hands dirty, started Helicopter Specialties in 1999 by leveraging his home, his motorcycles, his boat, and basically everything he owned.   Through his challenges of starting a new business and through all the ups and downs that any business owner experiences, Jim has maintained a positive attitude and it has paid off with his company being named Aviation Business of the Year by the Wisconsin Trades Association, receiving the Diamond Award from the FAA for technician training, and other notable awards.  

Join me in talking to Jim today about his business and how he became successful.